For Professionals

For Professionals

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Contact us via e-mail at:
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or send us a letter at:
NAANA Public Relations Subcommittee
PO Box 620008
Atlanta, GA 30362

Does your work bring you into contact with using addicts?
Would you like to know more about Narcotics Anonymous (NA), in order to tell them about us?

If so, the North Atlanta Area of Narcotics Anonymous Public Relations Subcommittee is eager to hear from you!

NA is a member-driven, international organization whose primary purpose is helping anyone stop using drugs. Membership is voluntary and free. The NA program takes a twelve-step approach to help individuals recover from the disease of addiction, rather than any specific drug. Multiple NA meetings occur daily in metro Atlanta and surrounding cities, including a Spanish-language meeting.

A meeting schedule is available online at:
We provide support for addicts through an English/Spanish helpline: 678-405-0825.

We will gladly arrange a panel presentation to explain how NA works and answer your questions. If you would like printed meeting schedules, we can provide 50 copies free of charge, or you may download the latest version.

For further on-line information about how NA works with Professionals, please visit our NA World Services website.