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Welcome to Narcotics Anonymous!

Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit, international, community-based organization for recovering addicts, which is active across the world. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) members learn from one another how to live drug-free and recover from the effects of addiction in their lives.

Who is an Addict?

Most of us do not have to think twice about this question. We know! Our whole life and thinking was centered in drugs in one form or another—the getting and using and finding ways and means to get more. We lived to use and used to live. Very simply, an addict is a man or woman whose life is controlled by drugs. We are people in the grip of a continuing and progressive illness whose ends are always the same: jails, institutions, and death.

Where Can I Get Help?

You can call our Helpline at 678-405-0825 or come to a meeting.

Metro Atlanta Meetings

6:00 pm   Sunday   North Atlanta Area H&I Subcommittee Meeting
Meeting ID: 881 3122 3092 Passcode: 541606

7:00 pm   Sunday   Living Clean Group
Zoom ID: 812 6978 9515 PW: 761450

7:00 pm   Sunday   Surrender Group
3208 Duluth Highway 120   Duluth, GA 30096
O,D,WC   Scout hut, back of church. 

7:45 pm   Sunday   Candlelight Group
601 W Ponce de Leon Ave   Decatur, GA 30030
O,D,CL,RF   Masks Optional. 

7:00 pm   Monday   New Connections Group Online
Zoom ID: 984 297 234 PW: 936533